The Kansas State Wildcats are walking into a potential trap in Fort Worth, Texas this upcoming weekend. They are unbeaten, which means that they have a bulls-eye on their backs. TCU will be looking to hit the mark.

NCAA Football Betting – Kansas State vs. TCU Picks 

Moreover, they're not sure about the health of their best player as quarterback Collin Klein is a question mark. They will also have to contend with a team that has been given a fresh injection of confidence. This is a very tricky spot for the leaders of the Big 12 Conference. 

Because of Klein’s status, there is no betting line out for this contest just yet. 

The Wildcats can win because:

Vegas Odds Football PicksThey make fewer mistakes than TCU or for that matter, any of their opponents. 

One of the most remarkable statistics to emerge from the first 10 weeks of the college football season is that Kansas State has scored 111 points off its opponents' turnovers while allowing zero points – not one – from any of the turnovers it has committed this season. The Wildcats have a remarkable ability to minimize mistakes but then play excellent sudden-change defense on the few occasions when they give up the ball. 

Head coach Bill Snyder is able to get his team to play at a consistent level. Kansas State simply doesn't beat itself and it is regularly opportunistic against any kind of opponent in any style of game. The Wildcats are supremely resourceful and they are well-schooled. They don’t find themselves out of position on the field.

Their quarterback, Collin Klein, makes the right reads and is agile enough to improvise whenever the structure of a play breaks down. Also, his ability as a runner exceeds his ability as a passer, and that two-tiered balance lends an extra dimension of potency to Kansas State's offense.

The Horned Frogs can win because:

Klein might not be fully ready to play in this game. No odds lines have yet been set for this contest, precisely because Las Vegas is waiting to get better reports on Klein's health status. 

He was seen shaking his right wrist in the third quarter of last Saturday's win over Oklahoma State but he didn't play the final 25 minutes. Since he did complete a few passes after dinging up his wrist, a lot of speculation has emerged in which a concussion is being viewed as a possible source of Klein's benching. If indeed a concussion has taken place, Kansas State has to be very careful about how it handles Klein. Moreover, if Klein does play, he might not display the sharp decision making that college football pundits have come to expect. Daniel Sams, KSU's backup quarterback, did okay against Oklahoma State but he did have a multi-possession lead when he came into that game. A full game on the road against TCU would be harder for Sams to navigate. Klein needs to be on the field for almost all of this game for KSU to win.

Outlook & NCAA Football Betting Prediction: 

One cannot know for sure but the sense here is that Klein will play. He won't be great but he'll be good enough and as a result, Kansas State will escape with a close win in Fort Worth. 

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