No, that's not the actual bet SBR poster nobs made, but getting the Field for +15000 with the 12-ranked University of Houston Cougars part of that field just might not be such a longshot after all.

I just took it at I have seen this play as high as 200-to-1 odds for the FIELD to win the BCS this year.

Houston CougarsThe Houston Cougars are not listed so therefore they are in the field at +15000 (150-to-1). My ticket only says FIELD +15000. Risking $50 to win $7500. It doesnt say anything about what teams arent listed. So how would you be able to prove that Houston isnt listed.

It doesnt make sense that they wouldnt be because they are now #12 in the AP Poll. But I looked at that list for the Cougars several times.

Now here is my feeling on why I love this play at +15000. The Cougars could very easily go undefeated. They still have to go to Miss State and they have to go to Tulsa. Other than that, it is smooth sailing. They have already gained national attention, rankd #12 in the AP. So they will just keep moving up as long as they dont lose. I think every game they have remaining on their schedule is winnable. They beat Tulsa by 40 last year and I think they can easily win at Tulsa and at Miss State. Well, it wont be easy but they could very well do it.

If the Cougars win out, they would have wins over two Big 12 schools. One was a double-digit win at an Oklahoma State team that everyone thought was the greatest thing since Michael Jordan. They would then also have wins at Miss State and at Tulsa. That makes three pretty decent road wins. As well as wins over Texas Tech and Southern Miss. Its possible that the only other undefeated would be Boise State and Houston would have undeniably better wins.

Now dont get me wrong, I know the Cougars are not a Top 3 team. But I look at teams in front of them and I dont know who else can go undefeated. Alabama sure looked good but they have some very tough games coming up. Can they beat Ole Miss, South Carolina, LSU and Auburn. Same with LSU. They are good but that SEC schedule is Tough. Same with Texas. Such a strong schedule that you have to think someone gets them somewhere. Can Florida really run the SEC table with Tebow hurt ?

I think the key for Houston is to have teams right in front of them lose first ( teams ranked #7-#11) so they can move in front of them. Then when they are ranked sixth or seventh, they need the SEC and Big 12 powerhouses to take out Texas, LSU and Florida.

A loss by Texas, LSU or Florida right now wouldnt help Houston as it would likely not drop those teams far enough. I think we have seen that there is a lot of parity in College Football this year and I believe we are going to see a lot more top 10 losses. I believe a one-loss LSU team or a one-loss Texas team would deserve it over an undefeated Houston team, but I think if things play out right the Cougars might get the shot if they are undefeated and with some of the nice wins they have. This would also bring Case Keenum into the Heisman conversation, but the best I am finding on him right now is +2000.

This play is a longshot for sure but at +15000 it's a good play. Its not that long a shot. This play doesnt count in my record win or lose. Just thinking out loud here.