A brand new season of college football begins tonight and what better way to get things rolling that with some capping input from SBR's Peter Loshak and Justin7.

Week 1 in college football is known for being both a heady and treacherous time for bettors and books alike. All the unknowns that each new college season brings have bettors searching for mispriced lines while also guarding against overreacting to possibly incomplete information, and sportsbooks guarding against taking a beating from sharps while simultaneously enjoying the flood of action.

There are various approaches to handicapping and betting Week 1 of college football, most with some merit. Some cappers narrow their focus to a limited number of teams, looking to gain an edge through early and thorough research. Others follow general rules of thumb such as fading ranked teams or teams starting young QBs, or betting on teams with key returning starters, a new coach, or experienced offensive and/or defensive lines. Still others lay off of Week 1 completely.

Whatever the approach, it’s clear that capping the early weeks of the season is a different animal from capping the rest of the season, and that both great betting opportunities and dangerous traps abound in Week 1.

SBR’s own Justin7, a widely acknowledged college football handicapping expert who uses a quantitative approach to line valuation, discusses these issues with SBR.tv’s Peter Loshak.