The Penn State Nittany Lions played their first game following the dismissal of former head coach Joe Paterno last year against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. When they took the field against Nebraska 12 months ago...

NCAA Football Betting: Penn State vs. Nebraska

Vegas Odds  college football Picks... many people felt that the game should not have been played. Players still on the Penn State roster remember that day, and for that reason, they're likely to want to avenge that day's loss to Nebraska. It’s not out of any sense of hate toward the Huskers but it’s because football was just not that important at the time. This game will feel like Penn State's chance to bounce back, to make a football statement that will carry through the rest of the 2012 season. 

They are a 7.5 point underdog on the betting lines at 5Dimes for this contest. 

The Nittany Lions can win because:

They can contain Nebraska's offense. Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez committed multiple turnovers last weekend against the Michigan State Spartans. Martinez is always prone to throwing a head-scratching interception. He owns a lot of skills, but he often gets in his own way.

Nebraska's offense is endlessly inconsistent. That said, if Penn State can force multiple turnovers from Martinez or anyone else on the Huskers, the Nittany Lions will gain a very good chance in this contest.

The other thing to realize, is that Penn State quarterback Matthew McGloin has really grown up under the guidance of the school's first-year head coach and Paterno successor, Bill O'Brien. Penn State's passing offense is highly structured, and it has created the framework in which McGloin has been able to make his reads and progressions with great clarity.

The Penn State quarterback is seeing the field well and making the kinds of decisions that are not putting the Nittany Lions in trouble. An effective day from McGloin plus a wobbly day from Martinez can put the Nittany Lions in the driver's seat.

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The Cornhuskers can win because:

They're the better team. Nebraska has more talent on the edges than Penn State does. The Cornhuskers make more – and better – plays in open space compared to the Nittany Lions. Martinez himself might not be a very polished passer, but he is lethal as a runner due to his quickness.

Nebraska has more ways in which to attack Penn State. The Nittany Lions might be sound on defense, but they might not possess the lateral movement needed to keep up with the Huskers on running plays that get outside the tackle box.

Nebraska is also playing this game at home, a crucial boost for the Huskers. Nebraska knows that if it wins this game, it will take one very big step toward the Big Ten Legends Division championship, a foremost goal of this team before the season. A sense of urgency will work in favor of the Big Red.

Outlook & NCAA Football Betting Prediction: 

Nebraska can smell a division championship. The Huskers will be comfortable and relaxed… not too comfortable, but amply confident. I believe that they will beat Penn State comfortably and I will add them to my college football picks.

NCAA Football Picks: Nebraska -7.5