Can Washington State cover against this Oregon defense, who made a statement last weekend against the then #22 Arizona Wildcats? Will Oregon throw there walk-ons again in the second half or will it be a all out blow out?

NCAA Football Betting – Oregon vs. Washington State Picks

The Oregon Ducks and the Washington State Cougars are led by two of the most adventurous and fearless head coaches in major college football. The difference is that Chip Kelly is working with a fully loaded roster while Mike Leach is several bricks short of a load. 

That is fairly evident as the Ducks are a 29-point favorite on the road. This shouldn’t be much of a contest but can the Cougars find a way to cover?

The Ducks can win because: 

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They have had one of the best offenses in college football ever since their head coach Chip Kelly, took over the head job from former UO boss Mike Bellotti. In Kelly's first three full seasons, Oregon has won three Pac-10 (now Pac-12) Conference championships because of its spread-option offense, which has fully flummoxed almost every defensive coordinator in the league. Oregon's emphasis on recruiting fast athletes – particularly at quarterback and running back – while placing a premium on tempo within games (getting lots of snaps in a game to tire out opposing defenses, especially in the second half) has catapulted the Ducks to the top of the Pac-12 and vaulted them into the national championship conversation in college football. Oregon's assemblage of weapons in 2012 is little different from the recent past. The Ducks are clear favorites to win the Pac-12 North Division…

and they have a defense as well… 

Last Saturday, Oregon took on the Arizona Wildcats, a team that posted 59 points against the Oklahoma State Cowboys in week two of the season. Arizona is not as finished a product on the offensive side of the ball, but Wildcat head coach Rich Rodriguez is ( like Kelly) a spread-option coach with an eye for speed and the zone-read concepts that can maximize its value. Arizona did figure to score at least 20 to 24 points against Oregon, but the Ducks' defense was legitimately dynamic in the process of shutting out the Wildcats. More specifically, Oregon repelled Arizona on six separate occasions when the Wildcats penetrated the Ducks' red zone.

Oregon should meet with little resistance in this game because it is so markedly better than its opponent. Indeed, the reason to take the Ducks here is UO's immense skill set. However, if you are not quite convinced about this contest, the weaknesses of Oregon's opponent should confirm the need to pick the Ducks.

Oregon should not get a hard push from a Washington State squad that barely defeated a Football Championship Subdivision team (Eastern Washington) and a lower-tier Football Bowl Subdivision opponent (UNLV) earlier this season. Washington State entered week four without much of any credentials, but then the Cougars managed to slip to an even lower level of status. They lost at home to Colorado, the same team that lost by 55 points to Fresno State the week before. Oregon really shouldn't get pushed in this game and will most likely be worth their salt as one of our College Football Free Picks. 

The Cougars can win because: 

Anything is possible in sports. Stanford won as a 41-point underdog at USC five years ago. If that can happen, Washington State can beat Oregon this weekend, especially in a home game late at night. Oregon could get uncomfortable, and the Cougars – embarrassed after their face-plant against Colorado – could rally around the flag in an especially inspired performance.

Outlook & NCAA Football Betting Prediction:

This is not going to be a contest. Oregon jogged past a half-decent Arizona team by 49 points. The Ducks should be able to handle Washington State by at least 30, even if playing well below their full capacity.

NCAA Football Picks: Oregon -29