Ahhh Thursday and back to football, I mean like there is ever really anything else to tak about on a rainy Thursday in the fall. It also means Thursday I get another crack at tonight’s NCAA game with Geno’s Pick.

While it will be hard to outdo my inaugural front page college football pick last week of UCLA +4.5 in their 48-12 pasting at the hands of Arizona. If you didn’t get a chance to see the game, just google Jodie Foster and The Accused and you’ll pretty much get the gist. In any case, we’ll get to that pick in a bit, first let’s chat up the NFL and preview some of this week's games as we tease out tomorrow’s 'Geno’s Picks'… 

Sparano’s state of retirement in Florida

Tom Coughlin’s Giants are traveling down to Miami to face Tony Sparano’s Dolphins Sunday and the question on everyone’s mind has to be—how is Tony Sparano still the head coach—that is of course, unless they finally have decided they are going to actually draft a good QB and want to secure the rights to Andrew Luck by Thanksgiving. Sparano came over from Dallas hand-chosen by Parcells with the reputation for knowing talent yet if you look at the Dolphins and the performance he’s gotten out of that squad, it’s easy to forget that guys like Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush, Cameron Wake, and Jason Taylor play for them. Now I see why people confuse Tony Sparano with Tony Soprano—because he makes people disappear. 

You just can’t run around Suh

Ndamukong SuhI understand both sides of the argument for protecting the QB. The people that hearken back to the days of Dick Butkus and Jack Ham and their hard-nosed play don’t seem to take into account that players today have heath supplements and fitness technology that allow guys like Ndamukong Suh and his 6’4” 305 pound frame to come at you at 50 mph while guys like Butkus and Ham were the best of their day at half the size and speed.

Don’t get me wrong, they were dominant because the players they were tackling were just as small and let’s face it… I’d rather crash my Smart Car into a Hundai at 30 miles an hour then be in the Ferrari that gets T-boned by a semi at 75 mph. So drop it “old-schoolers” that today’s players are sissies because that couldn’t be further form the truth as half the kick returners on practice squads are as big as some of the Steel Curtain in their prime.

But my problem and question is, “when did you start having to be nice to play football?” I cannot agree with Suh more in his sarcastic comments to people saying he taunted Matt Ryan after he got hurt. It’s football, it’s a mental game and any advantage you can get, you take. My favorite taunt wasn’t when he said that the Falcons took out their own QB as much as when he dismissed pro-bowler Roddy White as an after thought calling him “Rodney” White—which also proves my point, you take any advantage you can get in today’s NFL, because face it, only a guy as big as Suh could get away with calling Roddy White an “N” word. 

Geno’s Picks (6-4 NCAA ATS)

The Virginia Cavaliers travel down to Sun Life Stadium to face the Miami Hurricanes, who are laying over 2 TD’s—but if we learned anything from the recent Nevin Shapiro scandal—the Cane’s love big lines. Tonight’s ACC matchup will showcase two teams going in different directions.

The Cavaliers lost to NC State last week 28-14, ending their two game winning streak and are a sorry 1-2 in conference play. Couple that with the fact that they are coming off a four game home stand and taking to the road on a Thursday will put them in strange sorts as they face a surging Canes squad who has been playing quite well in recent weeks and—I dare say—had it not been for a few bad bounces early in the year, could easily be 6-1 this season. 

The bottom line in this game is that Miami continues to improve on both sides of the ball while the Cavs remain suspect on offense and that starts with the QB position and sophomore Michael Rocco. Rocco has completed just 59% of his passes with twice as many picks (8) as TD’s (do I need to put 4 here—and you wonder why China is kicking our asses), which has all but numbed the potential stats for stud UVA receiver Kris Burd. Rocco will have a tough time in Florida tonight and face it, when you send a guy named Rocco down to the swamps of Florida, somebody is usually getting buried.

My Pick: Take the Canes lay the 14.5