The heavyweight category has always been the glamour division of boxing but recently it has more closely resembled Kirstie Alley than Kim Kardashian. Nonetheless, let's take a look at who is the best and who is simply trying to get there.

Wladimir KlitschkoWladimir Klitschko (56-3 with 49 KO’s) – It’s impossible to name anyone else at the top of this list unless you are the ultimate contrarian. Please don’t make a case for his brother because Vitali is now 40 years old and odds are that his little brother would give him a whoopin’ if they were to square off. That of course will happen about the same time Don King joins the seminary and gives his millions away to Bob Arum.

The brothers have vowed there will never be a civil war inside the Klitschko family no matter how many millions are thrown at their very large feet. 

Dr. Steel Hammer as he’s now known, made noise in 1996 when he took home the gold medal at the Atlanta Summer Olympics. He amassed an extraordinary amateur record of 134-6 which was a precursor to the success he would enjoy as a professional.

Since turning pro, he has lost only three times, all by TKO but more importantly has won 56 times with a stunning 49 KO’s in the process. Klitschko has not lost in over 7 years and is the current IBF, IBO, WBO, WBA and The Ring Magazine heavyweight champion, amassing every relevant title on the planet except one and that title belongs to his older brother and number 2 on our list, Vitali. 

Vitali Klitschko (42-2 with 39 KO’s) – Though over shadowed by his younger brother, Vitali has parlayed his raw power and enormous 6’8” frame into a championship boxing career. As the current WBC champion he possesses the only major boxing title not held by his brother. With 39 KO’s in only 42 fights, he holds the highest knockout to fight ratio of any champion in the heavyweight division.

Interestingly, his two losses were both due to injuries and he was ahead on all cards in both fights. His first loss was due to a shoulder injury which forced him to retire from the fight in the 9th round against Chris Byrd and his last defeat came courtesy of a doctor’s stoppage in the 6th round for a cut above his left eye against Lennox Lewis. 

Vitali has won his last 10 fights dating back to 2003. Sadly, we will never know who was truly the greater of the two brothers. In their primes, it would be a coin flip. But this list deals with the here and now. Right now, Vitali Klitschko is the second best in the world.

David HayeTomasz Adamek (44-1 with 28 KO’s) – The former light heavyweight turned cruiserweight turned heavyweight is next in line to take a shot at wresting the WBC Heavyweight championship belt from Vitali Klitschko.

The Polish sensation has not been as dominating in the heavyweight division but has nevertheless gone undefeated with the big boys. He’ll get his shot to prove he is worthy of this spot on our list when he goes toe to toe for the title in front of his countrymen in his native Poland on October 9th of this year. 

David Haye (25-2 with 23 KO’s) – Okay so this might not be the most popular choice seeing as Haye was outclassed in a unanimous decision to Wladimir Klitschko in early July of this year. But nobody has defeated Wladimir, or Vitali for that matter, in so long it’s hard to hold that against him. There are the Klitschko boys and then there’s everybody else. Number 4 might as well belong to David Haye. 

Robert Helenius (15-0 with 10 KO”s) – The Nordic Nightmare is only 27 years old and at 6’7” he is one of the few who could square up with either Klitschko and look them straight in the eye. Helenius had a career boosting knockout over Samuel Peter in April of this year and needs to rack up a few more victories before getting a crack at the heavyweight strap.