Will we finally get to see Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Manny Pacquiao


So it looks like we will see Pacquiao vs. Marquez part three after all. On May 18th all of the cards seemed to fall into place. Juan Manuel Marquez appeared to be sniffing out this fight, turning down offers for Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions and other outfits as well. 

Golden Boy had offered to extend his contract after its February termination, but Marquez wanted no part of it, and he began talks with legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum, who was thrilled at the thought of seeing Manny and Marquez step into the ring once again. 

As most of us know, the history between these two remains clouded by split decisions, a draw, and judging mistakes. This fight will bring much needed closure to this rivalry.

It is reported that the two will fight at the catch weight of 144 pounds. Marquez will have to jump up in his weight, as he sits at 135, while Pacquiao will drop a few from his current 147. 

There is only one future obstacle in Marquez's future, and that is his July 2nd fight against David Diaz. Manny had defeated Diaz back in 2008 to win the World Boxing Council lightweight title after nine rounds. This fight was all Manny from the first bell, and the chance to watch Marquez take a stab will be our best chance to see just where he sits as far as his stamina, speed, and desire. 

This is a fight Marquez must win to move on to the Manny fight in November. With this fight in his home town of Mexico City, he should have everything working in his favor.

Original Article

Last night, in a unanimous decision, Manny Pacquiao defended his WBO Welterweight Championship against Shane Mosely. Every sportsbook had listed the thirty nine year old Mosely as a huge underdog in this fight, but many expected him to at least stand toe-to-toe and exchange punches with the world’s best.

After taking some hard hits in the first few rounds, Shane chose to spend the rest of the night running, making it clear that his glory days are gone, and retirement is right around the corner.

Manny Pacquiao knew the fight was his from the start, and after taking the early lead he felt comfortable letting the rest of the fight work itself out. He did, however, complain about his legs tightening up during the fight, but to anyone watching, his performance looked textbook.

So with the Mosely fight behind him, let’s get to what everyone else wants to know, who is Pacquiao going to fight next? What we do know is that his next fight is scheduled for November 12th, and fans are already begging for a fight with Floyd Mayweather. 

Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather: "Law and Order"

Floyd Mayweather Jr.Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao would be one of, if not the biggest PPV event of all time. After the caliber of contenders Pac Man has faced, a fight against a new face will just be.... well.... boring. 

A contender such as Mayweather would be the desired fight from a fan's point of view, but is it even possible? Floyd hasn't fought in over a year, well not in the ring that is. He is currently in the midst of fighting several criminal charges, including felony charges. All of his court dates have repeatedly been continued, and just this week he added new charges to the list after threatening a security guard over parking tickets. 

Court cost don't come cheap, and he owes the IRS a ton as well, so he would be open to a fight to generate revenue. This is a man with a huge ego, and while he will fight again, a loss might just kill his reputation and all of the hype he generates. He has made offers, and even cheap shot taunts Manny, requesting a fight. All of them, however, come with extreme request and are on Mayweathers terms. Even Floyd Sr. is getting in on the action, posting videos on youtube calling out Pac Man.

After the Mosely fight, when asked about the possibilities of a Mayweather fight, Pacquiao responded with “For me, I don’t care about that fight. I am satisfied with everything that I have done in boxing. I want to fight because the people want the fight.”

This is a familiar response from a fighter who always takes more pride in his ability to entertain the people than he does in his victories. However, if this statement is true, I believe the people have spoken, and they want it to happen.

Is this a bullet they can continue to dodge, or will they finally have to step up and face each other? All of this talk, hype, and speculation of a "True Spectacle", and to be sadly honest, when November 12th rolls around and Manny climbs into the ring to tap gloves with his opponent, Mayweather might be watching from a chow hall in an orange jumpsuit.

Pacquiao vs. Marquez: Pt 3?

Juan Manuel MarquezJuan Manuel Marquez has been offered $5 million for a third fight against Pac Man, but it appears that he wants no part of it. Marquez faced Pacquiao in 2004 in what was a controversial draw, as a judge later admitted that he had made a mistake in his first round scoring. Both men fought well, and each felt worthy of the win, however Manny had knocked down Marquez multiple times and was not scored correctly for doing so. This was a fight that admittedly should have been added to Pac Man's win list.

The two met again in 2008 in Las Vegas to settle what Manuel called "Unfinished Business". Once again, the fight went to the judges who, in a split decision, sided with Pacquiao. This victory earned him two new world titles, giving him four in total. 

Marquez is planning to face David Diaz (36-3-1) on July 2nd, which would give him ample time to prepare for a November fight. Juan Manuel did look slow when he faces Mayweather in 2009, and maybe his upcoming fight will give him the chance to test his stamina and speed once again to see if he is up to finish the Marquez-Pacquiao trilogy.

It seems only fair to have a third fight, seeing that the first fight's results remain controversial, and the second ended with a split decision. Each of these fighters are capable of dominating the ring, and this rivalry just doesn't feel settled until we see a KO or at least a unanimous decision.

Word is that Marquez is looking to counter the $5 million with a request of his own. Having seen the result of his "Unfinished Business" fight, is his attempt to stall really about the money or his pride? 

What does this mean for Manny?

If not one of these guys, who else? Miguel Cotto, Tim Bradley, Zab Judah, and Kermit Cintron have had their names tossed into the mix, but many think that none of the men mentioned would generate enough hype to draw the crowds that a Mayweather or Marquez fight would.

New faces come and they go in the world of boxing, and very few fighters reach the success that Mosely, Mayweather, Marquez, and Pacquiao have. As MMA continues to tighten its grip on the professional fight world and UFC betting continues to gain popularity, boxing is slowly loosing it's charm and popularity. A "peoples fighter" like Manny might be the one who can save it. For this to happen, a true contender needs to step up to the challenge and give the boxing world what it wants, the chance to witness two champion quality athletes settle the score man to man.