If you would like to try out some AFL football betting, you should have the nuts and bolts of sports betting down first. Once you get these three concepts down, you can start getting into the more complicated aspects of sports betting.

The Arena Football League continues to thrive in the scope of professional football. That means you can wager on it in online sportsbooks. That certainly comes in handy as it is held from March to August, which is when NCAA college football and the NFL are enjoying their offseasons.

Point Spread

The point spread is something you will find for all the weekly matchups in the AFL. You will have one team shown as the favorite and this will be represented by a negative sign. Then you have the underdog, which will be represented by a positive sign. If you have a matchup between San Antonio and Los Angeles, the latter could be the favorite at home by six points. It would be shown as follows: 

San Antonio Talons +6

Los Angeles Kiss -6

If you plan on betting on Los Angeles, they have to win by seven points or more in order to pay you out. Anything less than six points is a loss for the player. If it lands right on six, that’s considered a tie. For wagering on San Antonio, they have to lose by five points or less or they can win the game in order to secure the victory for the player. 

Money Line 

You may also bet on the money line and for this type of betting, the outcome is the only thing that matters. Margins of victory and losing are thrown by the wayside, and you only have to pick the winner of the game. A game between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia might look like this in your sportsbook.

Pittsburgh Power (-200)

Philadelphia Soul (+180)

From the point spread, you know that the favorite is shown by a negative sign and the underdog is always the plus sign. This means you would need to wager $200 to win $100 on Pittsburgh (the favorite), and $100 to win $180 on Philadelphia (the underdog). Whether the final margin is by a point or by 50, all you have to do is pick the winner of the game and you’ll be a winner as well.


Finally, you come to the total, which is the number of total points that the sportsbook thinks will be the scored in the game. Your goal is to pick if the game will end up over or under the number in the sportsbook. If the Arizona Rattlers and San Jose SaberCats have a total of 106, you can decide to bet on the over at -150 or the under at +130. AFL games are usually high-scoring, which is why the over might be favored and it is the same concept as the money line: $150 to win $100 on the over, $100 to win $130 on the under.

The only difference from the money line is that here, it is all about the number of combined points scored in the game.