SBR review: BetMaker

SBR RatingB+

Location:BetMakerEdificio La Colmena2do Piso, Sabana Sur,San José, Costa Rica
Parent / HostBookmaker
Live Chat:YES

Sportsbook rating changes

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10/24/2007 12:25 PM CST
BetMaker upgraded from B to B+
09/15/2005 04:34 AM CST
BetMaker upgraded from B- to B
04/12/2005 02:47 PM CST
BetMaker Global Sports Group upgraded: Betmaker upgraded from C+ to B-
07/23/2004 01:38 PM CST
BetMaker After aknowledgement of ownership by BetMaker (SBR Rating C+): BetZone raised from D+ to C, Bookmaker raised from D+ to C, 7Palms raised from D+ to C and GoldMedalSports raised from D+ to C
06/23/2004 06:21 PM CST
BetMaker upgraded from C to C+
06/13/2004 08:16 PM CST
BetMaker raised from D+ to C, Carib raised from C to C+, Legendz raised from C+ to B-
02/03/2004 12:00 AM CST
BetMaker lowered from C to D+, Sportbet lowered from C- to D+
11/01/2002 10:59 AM CST
BetMaker - Initial feedback is mostly positive - if you have an opinion on whether should be downgraded please write
10/30/2002 10:59 AM CST
BetMaker - Under review for downgrade - if you are having problems with please write to
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